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Connect: Boys & Girls Aid - Fall 2014

Early mornings are difficult for youth in long-term foster care. As children across the country pack their lunches and backpacks for school, foster youth are keeping track of their few life possessions. At a moment’s notice, with one knock at the door, their possessions could be lost.

If they aren’t prepared, this can mean leaving behind a family photo or favorite t-shirt. While their peers are focused on sports, school and social activities, foster children are often consumed…

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Connect: Boys & Girls Aid - Spring 2014

Boys & Girls Aid has created an agency brand that highlights our legacy and experience. From our colors, to our logo, to our updated tagline, we are introducing a look that communicates our historic ties to the roots of child welfare.

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Summer 13 NLFocus on Boys & Girls Aid - Summer 2013 Edition

Now, remember the things you did not know, the mistakes yet to be made and the distances still to be covered until you really understood what it meant to be an adult. More importantly, remember the people who helped you navigate this exciting and uncertain time.

The homeless youth in Washington County struggle to be healthy adults and do not have adult role models to guide them through this transition. Their knowledge of the world and where they fit in is limited because of past abuse or neglect. For a myriad of reasons, it was a better choice to be homeless than to be at home.

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Winter13 NLFocus on Boys & Girls Aid - Winter 2013 Edition

Boys & Girls Aid was founded in 1885 by the local leaders of Portland, Oregon. The goal was simple; help children find adults and families to raise them, offer them guidance and support and ensure their safety and well-being. Today Boys & Girls Aid is still finding families and supportive adults for the children in our care. We believe now, just as we did in 1885, people raise children not systems; children need and thrive with stability, guidance, support and love. Too often, children who run away from home or are placed in the foster care system never have the opportunity to establish a permanent bond with a stable adult who will help them make good choices, care enough to hold them accountable, encourage them and simply love them. In the field of social work, this permanent bond is called permanency. It is this relationship that is critical to the success of any child, and we seek it for all children served at Boys & Girls Aid.

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Fall11 NLFocus on Boys & Girls Aid - Fall 2011 Edition

Boys & Girls Aid serves children through adoption, foster care and shelter services. But we are also there to give the children we serve every advantage in life. As part of Boys & Girls Aid’s long-term strategic plan, we support children and young people on their path to a stable, safe and successful life with permanent connections to loving and caring adults. To illustrate why there is such an imperative need to create permanency for these young people, it is important to understand the life circumstances they face if we aren’t there to help. To better explain, we look to national studies and statistics on children and young people who might share similar circumstances to the clients served by Boys & Girls Aid.

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