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President's Message

A Message from Our President & CEO

Dear Friends,

As an Agency, Boys & Girls Aid believes families raise children, not systems. We believe that no matter what a child has experienced, each one deserves a family or lifelong permanent connection. We believe that no child should exit a system of care without a permanent connection. Whether these connections come through adoption, reunification with family, or even through new relationships - they will offer stability, guidance and emotional support for a lifetime.

These beliefs have guided the work done at Boys & Girls Aid every day since we were founded in 1885. We created the Permanency Initiative, which promises every child we serve will have the opportunity to exit our care with permanent relationships. We define Permanency as a life-long commitment between and with children and adults. We know these lifelong commitments will create guidance, stability and emotional support. Ultimately, Boys & Girls Aid is committed to preparing, advocating and finding resources for youth that enable them to experience positive outcomes and life-long relationships with caring adults. We understand that every child’s needs differ, but the common factor that brings them together is the need for permanent connections.

Our goal by 2030 is that every child will exit our care to a permanent lifelong relationship. As an agency, we are thinking differently. No longer are we a triage center. Instead we are the catalyst for change as we seek a plan for every child. This goal is not an easy one, but its importance is enormous.

As our friends and supporters, we strive to keep you informed partners in our work. Please know that I, and any members of our Board or Executive Team, value your questions and are open for discussion on this important work. Thank you for your continued investment in impacting the well-being of children in need.

Warmest Regards,
Mikes Signature
Michael H. Balter
President & CEO