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NewletterConnect: Boys & Girls Aid - Fall 2016

Mae entered foster care at the age of 5 and moved between seven homes during a three year period. A sibling group of six children between the ages of 3 and 15 spent six years in foster care, living in a total of 40 combined homes during this time.

Moving is tough for a child. They lose their friends, teachers and roots.

We believe that every child deserves to grow up in one family and live in one home and attend one school. Learn how we are breaking the cycle of moving from foster home to foster home through our It’s All About Family campaign.

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Sp16Connect: Boys & Girls Aid - Spring 2016

A boy moves homes for the fifth time in a single year. A girl is removed from her family because her parents have not been home in days. Siblings are separated because they are told they are too hard to parent.

These are the individual events marking the lives of children growing up in the foster care system. Thousands of children in Oregon can relate to one or all of these traumatic things happening to them. Their adolescence is defined by one negative experience after another.

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ConnectBGAIDFall15smConnect: Boys & Girls Aid - Fall 2015

At 15, Crystalanne didn’t have a family. She was living in a residential facility for youth where professionally trained staff cared for her. The four previous years she had spent as a foster youth in Oregon had left her mentally and emotionally strained.

She was confused and angry about her circumstances. At the age of 9, Crystalanne’s father died. Less than two years later, her mother abandoned her at a hospital.

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Boys & Girls Aid NewsletterConnect: Boys & Girls Aid - Spring 2015

The agency was the first of its kind in Oregon. Compared to the orphanages on the East Coast that saw children as labor, the Boys & Girls Aid Society of Oregon was viewed as innovative and compassionate. It implemented a model that served children on an individual level by connecting them with families who may eventually one day adopt them. Henry, and the many children that came after him, now had an organization devoted to his future..

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Boys & Girls Aid newsletterConnect: Boys & Girls Aid - Fall 2014

Early mornings are difficult for youth in long-term foster care. As children across the country pack their lunches and backpacks for school, foster youth are keeping track of their few life possessions. At a moment’s notice, with one knock at the door, their possessions could be lost.

If they aren’t prepared, this can mean leaving behind a family photo or favorite t-shirt. While their peers are focused on sports, school and social activities, foster children are often consumed…

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Annual Report

Our Annual Report is an opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year at Boys & Girls Aid. To request a printed version, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Boys & Girls Aid Annual ReportAnnual Report 2013-2014

While we were successful in continuing our work, we were less successful financially. We rely on our charitable contributions as they comprise about 20 percent of our annual budget. In 2014, we fell short. We need our investors as much as ever. More children continue to enter our foster care system, and more children are exiting the system and living on the streets. We are here to break cycles and create positive opportunities for the children we serve. But we cannot do this work without you!

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Annual Report 2012-2013

Our 2013 fiscal year was full of wonderful stories of children who had faced abuse and neglect, now finding lifelong connections. It was a year we saw new beginnings and new opportunities for those who had endured so much trauma and pain in their young lives. While we are proud of these accomplishments, our 2012-2013 fiscal year was not without challenge. We felt the difficulties of the economic downturn from which we have not fully recovered. Our projected support fell short.

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ar12_coverAnnual Report 2011-2012

As we give thanks in this new year, we are so grateful to have had a year full of growth and innovation at Boys & Girls Aid. After 127 years serving Oregon’s children, we have had time to reflect on who we are and what is most important and necessary for the children we serve. We have been able to give thanks for the opportunities to impact the well-being of children in need. As an Agency, we believe that families raise children, not systems. We believe that no matter what a child has experienced, each one deserves a family or lifelong permanent connection.

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ar11_coverAnnual Report 2010-2011

Our 2010-2011 fiscal year was a positive and successful time for Boys & Girls Aid. Throughout the last three years, the slow economy provided us with challenges. But we used the sometimes difficult circumstances as an opportunity to review our programs and processes. During this time, we always held true to our core purpose of impacting the lives of children in need. And with the completion of the fiscal year, we can say, with enthusiasm, that our services for children and young adults are growing and continually improving at Boys & Girls Aid.

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ar10_coverAnnual Report 2009-2010

Our 2009-2010 fiscal year was filled with reflection on what Boys & Girls has accomplished since 1885 and where we are headed in the future. We celebrated a momentous occasion for Boys & Girls Aid – 125 years of serving children in need. We looked back on the thousands of children and families we have served and the needs we helped to fulfill. We were reminded that these needs were absolutely basic – every child needs and deserves a family to love them and a home to call their own. This was true in 1885 and will be true forever.

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