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Children & Birthparents

The majority of the children in the infant adoption program are newborns. All of the children, regardless of their age or background, need a permanent, loving home in which to grow up.

There are many factors that motivate birthparents to choose adoption.  We respect our birth families and the choices they make.  Whatever the particular reasons, it is clear to us that adoption is an expression of their love for their child.  As one birthmother put it, “I didn’t give my child to a family—I gave a family to my child.” Read about one of our infant adoptions here.

On occasion, we are in the position of helping to find homes for high-risk infants, whose vulnerable characteristics could include health or medical issues, such as prenatal substance exposure and/or serious ongoing medical concerns.  We commend families with the special desire to adopt an infant with some possible future risks, and will help guide these families through the complicated process of procuring the necessary supports in these special cases.

Adoptive Families

All families—married, single, or domestic couples—have unique parenting qualities.  We encourage diversity, and welcome nurturing families from all different backgrounds and configurations.  In order to meet the best interests of a child, we follow some general guidelines.

  • Applicants will need adequate housing and income to support a child
  • Married or domestic couples should have a stable, long term relationship
  • Applicants need to be 21 years or older (per state regulations)
  • Good health and life expectancy are important

Birthparents select an adoptive family for their child based on the Family Book the adoptive family creates. Birthparents are looking for a variety of qualities in an adoptive family and their preferences can vary.

Adoptive families also have the opportunity to share with us what is important to them in the child they adopt.  It is helpful for us to know a family’s comfort level with different birthparent factors, such as medical considerations and openness. A family’s opportunities can be enhanced if they are able to be flexible about a child’s special needs or background.

If you are interested in Infant Adoption, follow the ‘Get Started’ link at the top of this article to attend an Infant Adoption Info Session.

Flexible Payment Schedule

We offer adoptive families the flexibility to pay incrementally as they move through each step of the adoption process, instead of a single, lump-sum payment. Families adopting an infant through our agency pay a total cost of $33,000.

A hallmark feature and benefit of our Infant Adoption program is that adoptive families are never burdened with the responsibility of covering birthparent expenses directly.  We support birthmothers independently through an agency-based fund. In this way, families can rest assured that their fee will stay fixed and will not increase depending on the birthmother with whom they are matched. 

Another potential benefit available to adoptive families is the federal adoption tax credit.  An approximately $11,000 tax credit might be available to qualifying families after their adoption has finalized. For further details about this credit, please consult a tax specialist or visit the IRS website.

Non-Discrimination Policy