Boys & Girls Aid

Out of State Adoption Services

Boys & Girls Aid is contracted by the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) to work with families from other states who have been chosen to go to an Oregon adoption committee. A Boys & Girls Aid Adoption Clinician will present the family at the adoption committee after interviewing the family and their local adoption worker as well as reviewing information on the Oregon child or children.  The Boys & Girls Aid Out of State Liaison also will ensure that the adoptive family and their adoption agency are able to meet Oregon’s standards and are willing to supervise the placement should the family be selected. We can present both relative and general applicant families at Central Office or branch adoption committees.

If an out-of-state family is going to be represented by Boys & Girls Aid, the child’s worker must send the child’s information to the Out-of-State Liaison prior to scheduling the adoption committee. The child’s information should include the child bulletin, a child summary completed or updated within the last 12 months, and any evaluations, treatment plans, or other pertinent reports regarding the child’s needs. The child’s caseworker should also send copies of the out-of-state home study for each family that is to be considered at committee.  Please note that it is important for the study to include the adoption worker’s name and the agency contact information. Once this information has been received, the Out of State Liaison will begin working on the case. 

For referrals of out-of-state family presentations contact Elizabeth Sale, Boys & Girls Aid Out-of-State Liaison, or call 503.542.2380.