Boys & Girls Aid

Spindler Adoption Story

Dan & Rachelle Spindler adopted Summer in the fall of 2013. This is their adoption story.



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In the early 1880s, Portland’s leaders were coming to grips with the reality that children in their communities were grieving and hurting. Many were children without families. From major cities in the Northeast, they had journeyed across the United States along the Transcontinental Railroad. At each station, they got off the train and stood atop platforms where they were presented for adoption. With each stop, their hopes of finding a family to call their own dwindled. Portland was the end of the line for them. The creation of Boys & Girls Aid was the result of this influx of children in need. The agency was centered in Portland, a young city in a state that was just over 25 years old. The car had not yet been invented. The typewriter and telephone were both less than 50 years old. Sharing information was not easy.



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