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Our President & CEO shares her personal experience with adoption

Boys & Girls Aid Suzan Huntington

Suzan Huntington is the President & CEO of Boys & Girls Aid. Her connection to adoption is lifelong - she was put into foster care almost immediately after her birth. Susan shared her story with us.

In January of 1971, I was born to a mother addicted to drugs. I was immediately placed into foster care, and I stayed in two different foster homes over a 32 day period. Based on my behavior in the first year of life, it would be fair to say that I was born addicted to drugs. I was hypersensitive to sound, unable to sleep for any length of time and an allergic reaction to most foods. 

For me, I was lucky to be adopted by the right parents; my parents. I had parents who were there to support me through the early months. They took me to doctors appointments and comforted me as best they could through my outbursts. As I grew up, they knew my history and would advocate for me when challenges arose.


Helping youth in foster care overcome abusive pasts

Boys & Girls Aid Foster Care

A boy moves homes for the fifth time in a single year. A girl is removed from her family because her parents have not been home in days. Siblings are separated because they are too hard to parent.

These are the individual events marking the lives of children growing up in the foster care system. Thousands of children in Oregon can relate to one or all of these traumatic things happening to them. Their adolescence is defined by one negative experience after another.

Growing up in foster care is not easy. The events that lead to a child entering the foster care system are often horrifying. A child is abused or neglected and their overall health is deemed to be in danger.


How we can stop failing foster youth

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Tristan’s adoption story

Christina and Josh adopted Tristan from foster care. This is their adoption story.


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Why we decided to expand our family through foster care adoption

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This couple already had one biological son when they thought about expanding their family. The subject of having a second child came up every year, but it seemed like either the time or the circumstances weren’t ever right. They shared their story with us.

When our son was about 8 years old we had a serious discussion on whether or not we’ll make a decision about a second child. My husband was the first one who cautiously brought up an adoption as an alternative to having another biological child. He was surprised when I was excited about the idea. Why didn’t I think of it myself? After all, there are so many children who are waiting for forever families.


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