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How we can stop failing foster youth

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Foster parents needed!

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Every year, hundreds of children enter Oregon’s foster care system. These children are unsure about their futures and the relationships in their lives. They have an immediate need for stability and safety. They need a supportive adult in their life.

Through our foster care program, you will provide temporary housing for children who are unable to remain in their home due to abuse, neglect, or another issue that has created an unsafe environment. You will care for children until they can return home, be placed with a relative, or moved to a more permanent living situation through adoption.

You are providing a necessary resource to these youth, regardless of the length of time they spend with you. You will create a sense of belonging and make a significant impact in their lives. Your home may be the first place a child in foster care has felt safe in a long time. You will make a difference!


Why these newlyweds opened their home to kids in foster care

Joanna and Meg

“I’ve thought about adopting since I was a little kid, but didn’t want to parent singly and wasn’t meeting anyone who met my standards of awesome parenting potential,” Meg said in December. “Then I met Jo! Very early in our relationship, we talked about our desire to have a family.”


7 Ways to Help Foster Youth

December is an especially difficult month for youth in foster care. With the holidays focused so much on family, many youth feel isolated and alone this time of year. Here are 7 Ways to Help Foster Youth to help make there December brighter. Not everyone can be a foster parent or adopt from foster care, but we can all contribute in some way to improve the future for foster youth in our communities.

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From foster youth to youth mentor

Boys & Girls Aid 8000 Reasons

Kelsey Conger spent time as a foster youth in two Boys & Girls Aid programs. Despite the challenges she faced growing up, Kelsey has worked hard to overcome adversity and is now giving back to children in need. Here is Kelsey’s story about her experiences and goals for life.


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