Boys & Girls Aid


At Boys & Girls Aid, it is always our first hope to help youth create permanent, healthy connections with adults. Sometimes this means adoption or working to reunite youth with their biological families, and sometimes it means preparing youth for a lifetime of supportive relationships as they enter into adulthood.  When youth are ready to start living on their own, we support them in the Transitional Living Program (TLP). This program provides housing, education, and life skills development to youth ages 16-23 as they move towards living independently.

What kind of help does TLP provide?

  • Housing in a 4-plex facility operated by Boys & Girls Aid or in an individual apartment
  • Case management that provides the support, skills training, and resources youth need to live independently
  • Skill building groups to help youth learn about things like relationships, health and well-being, communication skills, personal identity, budgeting, cultural diversity and tenant readiness
  • Financial support for education, counseling, medical and dental care, and transportation (TriMet passes or gas cards are provided)
  • Support for building healthy, lifelong relationships with family and friends
  • Help getting a GED, diploma, or advanced degree
  • Career planning and help finding and maintaining employment
  • Access to counseling services

What are the eligibility requirements for the TLP?

The TLP considers applicants who:

  • Are attending high school or have finished high school or obtained a GED.
  • Agree to participate in 30 hours of productive time per week (work, school, job prep program, etc.).
  • Either attend high school full-time or have an income that is equivalent to 25-30 hours per week at minimum wage.
  • Agree to save 15 percent of their income every month.
  • Can meet for one hour each week with a case manager.
  • Can attend weekly skill building groups.
  • Can pass a drug test.

Are you a youth interested in the TLP?

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