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At age 14, Alex had no meaningful relationships and had lost hope that life would ever be stable. Does Alex stand a chance for a successful life?

Alex can be any child who has experienced multiple breaks from his or her primary caregiver. We see people in Alex’s situation far too often. We also see that without a meaningful adult connect, Alex is setup to fail.

Alex began life with a caring mother who quickly changed after a series of bad choices. Alex was neglected and abused until the Department of Human Services removed Alex from his home. Once in care, Alex moved from foster placement to foster placement, then back with mom, only to be taken back into the foster care system.

This pattern continued for Alex, who remained in the system for the next 10 years.

By age 14, Alex had no meaningful relationships and had lost hope that life would ever be stable. Behind in school and unprepared to make good choices, Alex was left with little possibility of having supportive opportunities or a stable family.

In Oregon, Alex represents over 9,000 children in the foster care system.

The Answer for children like Alex is Permanency.

Permanency is a lifelong commitment between an adult and a child. Lifelong commitments provide guidance, stability and emotional support.

To achieve lifelong commitment, Boys & Girls Aid prepares youth for permanency, advocates on their behalf for permanency and finds resources for them to achieve permanency.

Why we need your help

Permanency is not funded by DHS, though an understood critical need. At Boys & Girls we believe the only way to make a difference is to work better and smarter with youth like Alex.

How can you help support Alex

Your investment in this promise will allow Alex to receive:

  • Training to build self-confidence that empowers Alex to make a leap of faith with an adult who will help him or her make good choices and identify healthy relationships.
  • Immediate mental health services that will provide support to create lifelong connections.

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