Boys & Girls Aid

Permanency Goals

Sparking significant, measurable and enduring changes is the driver behind the Permanency Initiative. At Boys & Girls Aid, permanency means a lifelong commitment between an adult and a child. We want every child, regardless of their age or background, to have a permanent, lifelong connection. This is why we are committed to seeing every child, teen and young adult exit our service to Permanency by 2030.

We will achieve this goal by advocating for a child’s need for a long-term relationship. Too often we see children bounced around the foster care system from placement to placement until they age out. When this happens, these children often have nobody to rely on and no place to go.

Permanency is accomplished when a caring, loving, adult willing to make this commitment is identified, and the child is prepared for this relationship. Many of the children we encounter have lost hope in finding this bond. Their troubled past has made them wary of adults and they often push back and rebel as a defense mechanism.

The Permanency Initiative works through their past trauma. By addressing these challenges, youth have greater self-confidence and are more willing to enter into a relationship with a loving, caring adult.

We do this work, because we want every child to have somewhere to go for the holidays and have someone who wants to celebrate their birthday. We want them to have a person who is invested in their success and willing to listen when something goes wrong. We want permanency for every child.

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