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Integral to the Permanency Initiative is an evidence-based approach known as The 3-5-7 Model. Developed by Dr. Darla Henry through years of experience in the child welfare field, the Model incorporates three tasks, five conceptual questions and seven interpersonal skill elements to work toward Permanency.

Three Tasks

The three tasks engage children, youth and families that allow them to grieve past challenges while working towards building relationships.

The three tasks are:

  1. Clarification – Explores life events providing opportunities to reconcile losses
  2. Integration – Focuses activities on rebuilding relationships through the attachment process
  3. Actualization – Assists in visualizing future goals establishing permanent connections

Five Questions

The five conceptual questions support the work of the three tasks and addresses:

  1. Who am I? – Identity formation
  2. What happened to me? – Separation and loss, the grieving process
  3. Where am I going? – Trust and safety in relationships, attachment cycle
  4. How will I get there? – Recognizing those who will continue to provide support, relational to permanency
  5. When will I know I belong? – Feelings of safety, well-being and a readiness for the future

Seven Skills

The seven skill elements and interpersonal abilities guide the activities of professionals, parents and caregivers to support the work of children, youth and families:

  1. To engage in the work of giving a voice to their feelings
  2. To listen and be present to the expressions of feelings
  3. To respond briefly as individuals process their thoughts and feelings
  4. To affirm the perspectives of child/youth/family through their stories
  5. To create a sense of safety within the helping relationship and environmental settings
  6. To recognize that painful feelings are expressed in behaviors
  7. To recognize that the healing process is the work of children, youth and families

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