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Birth fathers

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Be a Part of Your Child’s Future

You just found out that your partner is pregnant. How do you feel? Do you feel excited or scared, or maybe both? An unplanned pregnancy is often a scary experience. Making a decision about the pregnancy doesn’t have to be. We can help you and your partner work through your pregnancy options.

To speak to a pregnancy counselor right now (any time, day or night) you can:
Call us at 503.542.2392 or toll free at 877.932.2734
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Did you know that birth fathers can be part of the adoption process?

In adoptions today, birth fathers are encouraged to participate in the process, whether or not they are in a relationship with the birth mother. Planned adoptions are designed for the best possible outcome for the child, and can include arrangements for contact between you and your child throughout the years to come.

Adoption is a good decision for some – one that isn’t made lightly. We will always treat you with dignity and respect.

You have help along the way

We believe that having a true understanding about today’s adoptions will help you and the birth mother make the best choice for you and your child. Our pregnancy counselors are here to support you and the birth mother each step of the way.

You may be able to assist the birth mother in choosing the adoptive home for your child from our carefully screened and approved families. We encourage open adoptions, but you can make a plan that best works for you. You can sign a separate agreement and have a different amount of contact with your child than the birthmother. You can choose to exchange of pictures or letters. You can also choose to have no contact,It is your decision on the type of openness you believe is best for you and your child.

You can have peace of mind

We have been placing children in adoptive homes since 1885. You can take comfort in knowing that you, the birth mother, and your child will be cared for by our experienced and compassionate adoption team.

  • All adoptive families are qualified and fully screened
  • Your privacy and the information you share with us will be respected
  • We understand adoption law and have completed 17,000 safe and legal adoptions since 1885

You can stay connected (Openness in adoption)

Our staff is here to help facilitate contact with the adoptive family for years to come. Openness may include:

  • Visits with the adoptive family and child
  • Photos and letter sharing
  • Skype and FaceTime

**Even if you are no longer in a relationship with the birth mother, it is important for you to maintain a relationship with your child and the adoptive family.**

Making an adoption plan

You may be wondering what is included in making an adoption plan. First, you and the birth mother will meet with a pregnancy counselor to talk about pregnancy options. If you wish, you may also meet separately with a pregnancy counselor. You and the birth mother may choose to involve any of the important people in your lives during this important time. Friends and family are always welcome.

If you decide an adoption plan is right for you, you will give your pregnancy counselor some background information, and you will discuss what is most important to you in choosing an adoptive family. You can also talk with her about your likes and dislikes and any other information you feel is important to your pregnancy decision. As the pregnancy progresses, your counselor will provide you with adoptive family profiles. You may assist the birth mother in choosing the family that you feel is the best match. Here are some of our current waiting families.

A few weeks before the birth, the birth mother will make a hospital plan with the pregnancy counselor. This will outline birth mothers plan surrounding the birth. You and the birth mother will discuss the amount of openness, or contact with the adoptive family, and write a legally binding openness agreement. There are different levels of openness. You and the birth mother may choose to have different amounts of openness. You, the birth mother, and the adoptive family will determine the amounts of openness that works best for everyone involved.