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Infant Adoption F.A.Q.‘s

Frequently Asked Questions about Infant Adoption

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What is Infant Adoption?

Birthparents, for their own reasons, come to our agency to willingly place their child with an adoptive family. Boys & Girls Aid works with these birthparents and qualified adoptive families to help make adoption plans that are right for all involved.

Who are the children?

The majority of the children in the infant adoption program are newborns.  On average, two to five percent of the children we place annually range in age from six weeks to two years in age. All of the children, regardless of their age or background, need a permanent, loving home in which to grow up. On occasion, we are in the position of helping to find homes for high-risk infants, whose vulnerable characteristics could include health or medical issues.

What about openness?

Boys & Girls Aid believes that some type of open communication or meeting between birthparents and the adoptive family is in the best interest for all involved.  Openness reassures birthparents that they have made the right decision and it allows a child to know his/her background and develop a healthier sense of self while growing up. For adoptive families, a pre-arranged agreement means there are set conditions that can be planned around, and it offers the opportunity to better understand a child’s own innate makeup. Each adoption is unique in what each party agrees to and is comfortable with in regards to openness. Birthparents and adoptive families sign a mutually agreed upon Open Adoption Agreement.

Who can adopt?

We welcome nurturing families from all different backgrounds and configurations. In order to meet the best interests of a child, we follow some general guidelines.

  • Applicants will need adequate housing and income to support a child
  • Applicants should be one or two-parent families with stable, healthy relationships
  • Applicants need to be 21 years or older (per state regulations)
  • Good health and life expectancy are important
How do I learn more? How do I proceed?

The next step in exploring infant adoption includes joining us for an information session. This will help you and your family determine if this type of adoption is right for you. Boys & Girls Aid will then ask you to complete an application and adoption homestudy to be approved for the program. After some required training and the creation of a family book that we show prospective birthparents, you will be entered into our pool of waiting families.

How long does this take?

The pre-adoption process generally takes three to four months to complete. Placement can vary on a case by case basis. On average our placements can occur within one year or less depending on your circumstances.

What are the costs?

Families adopting an infant through our agency pay a total cost of $29,000. Our adoption fee falls in the medium to low range of the national average. Unique to our infant program is that adoptive families are never burdened with the responsibility of covering birthparent expenses directly. We support birthmothers independently through an agency-based fund. In this way, families can rest assured that their fee will stay fixed and will not increase depending on the birthmother they are matched with. We also offer you the flexibility to pay incrementally as you move through each step of the adoption process.

Why Boys & Girls Aid?

Boys & Girls Aid has been a leader and innovator in child welfare and adoption for more than 127 years. We offer flat fees, more possibilities through our two adoption programs, and a lifetime of post-adoption support. Our professional and caring staff are dedicated and experienced at making safe and legal placements. We have maintained a commitment to the two clinician model to avoid any conflicts of interest. This means birthparents and adoptive parents each work with separate clinicians throughout the process. We’ll be with you every step of the way to help your family grow.