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Get Started - Adopt With Us

Our Adoption Process

Matching an infant with their forever family is an important and lifelong decision. That’s why we take great care in our matching process. Very briefly, here is what you may expect as you explore adoption with Boys & Girls Aid.

Step One - Get to Know Us

Start by learning more about the adoption process at Boys & Girls Aid. You may attend one of our information sessions. Contact the Inquiry Department at 503.542.2301.

Step Two - Tell Us About You

Complete our Infant Adoption Application for our adoption team to review. You may submit your completed application to:

Boys & Girls Aid
Attn: Sally Guyer
018 SW Boundary Court
Portland, OR 97239

Fax: 503.224.5960

Step Three—Training and Home Study

Your assigned adoption clinician, who will work with you throughout the entire process will visit your home and conduct interviews to find out more about you, your home, and your family. A mandatory training may occur at any point during the home study process. Topics of this training include attachment and bonding, grief and loss, child development, risk factors, and openness.

Step Four—Create Your Family Book

Your Family Book includes photos and messages that reflect your home and family. It also includes a letter that you will write to the birthmother. Family Books are reviewed by prospective birthmothers to help them learn more about you and the home you can offer a child.

Step Five - Waiting for Your Family

When you have completed all the above steps, you will join the other families who are waiting to to be matched with a birthparent.

Step Six - Matching

When you are selected by a birthmother, you and the birthmother will meet to discuss whether this is a good match for you, the birthmother, and the child.

Step Seven - Selection and Placement

When you are selected by a birthmother, upon the birth of the baby, the first phase of the adoption process is complete. No two families have the same experience adopting a child. Placement of the child typically happens at discharge from the hospital. After the child is in your home, the amount of contact between you and the birthmother depends on various factors. Your Boys & Girls Aid adoption clinician continues to be available to you to facilitate post-placement visits, and to answer questions and provide support during the finalization process.