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Any woman can find herself facing an unplanned pregnancy. Some are ready to start their families. For others, the emotions are more complex and stressful. Now that you know you are pregnant, you are considering what options you have. Maybe you are a teen facing your first pregnancy. You may already have children and are not sure you can provide for another child. You may not have the support of your family or you may feel alone.

Whatever your situation is – we can help. We’ll support your decision, whatever it may be.

To speak to a counselor right now (any time, day or night) you can:
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Know your options

When you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it is important for you to know about all your options:

Considering AdoptionConsidering ParentingConsidering Abortion

We will help you explore your options and talk to you about the options of interest to you. You decide which option is best for you in your current situation. Boys & Girls Aid believes the only person in a position to make the best decision about a woman’s pregnancy is the pregnant woman herself.

Founded in 1885, Boys & Girls Aid is a non-religious, non-profit that focuses on child welfare. We have place more than 17,000 infants and children into waiting families. As an agency, we are committed to helping you make an informed decision about your pregnancy.

We can provide you with material to help you in your decision making process. You can even talk to someone who has gone through a similar experience.

Our goal is for you to make an informed decision about your pregnancy. We know that whatever decision you make, it will not be an easy one.

If you make a parenting or abortion plan, we can connect you with the community resources that you may need. If you choose adoption, we will help guide you through the adoption process and will be with you before, during and after the birth. Above all, this decision is yours.

To help you with your decision, here is a brief overview of each option:

Considering Adoption

Building connections for a lifetime

Considering adoption does not mean that you do not care for your child. It does mean that you are responsibly thinking about all possible options. Adoption may not be the right decision for everyone, but it could be the right decision for you.

Today’s adoptions are very different from what you may think. Adoptions in years past were often secretive and birth parents rarely had contact with the child or the adoptive family. Today you have many more options and opportunities. You decide how much openness is best for you and your partner.

For more information on adoption, please visit our considering adoption page.

Considering Parenting

Starting, or adding to, your family

If you are considering parenting, we can assist you with a parenting plan that works best for you. If you decide to parent, we want you to receive the support you need so you can be successful in this decision, whether this is your first pregnancy or you are making an addition to your family.

Let us help you identify resources in your community that will support you. This may include access to clothing, diapers, housing assistance, insurance assistance, nutritional counseling, and parenting classes in addition to other resources. We can also help identify medical insurance resources.

For more information on parenting, please visit our considering parenting page.

Considering Abortion

Non-judgmental care that puts you first

If you are considering abortion, we can provide you with information about this option. We work closely with local clinics to ensure that the information we provide about abortion is accurate, comprehensive and non-biased. Because we are not a medical facility, women who choose this option are referred to appropriate medical care. No decision about an unplanned pregnancy is easy and we are here to listen and to care; not to tell you what to do.

For more information on abortion, please visit our considering an abortion page.

Whatever choice you make, our services to you are always free of charge and completely confidential.