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Every year, hundreds of children enter Oregon’s foster care system. These children are unsure about their futures and the relationships in their lives. They have an immediate need for stability, safety and supportive adults in their lives.

As a foster parent, you will provide temporary housing for children who are unable to remain in their home due to abuse, neglect, or another issue that has created an unsafe environment. You will care for children until they can return home, be placed with a relative, or moved to a more permanent living situation through adoption.

You are providing a necessary resource to these youth, regardless of the length of time they spend with you. You will create a sense of belonging and have a significant impact in their lives. Your home may be the first place a child in foster care has felt safe in a long time. You will make a difference!

The foster children we serve

Our foster care program serves boys and girls who are 10 years and older. Each youth comes with a unique background and story. Most have experienced abuse, neglect or homelessness at some point in their lives. Some have been in state foster care for a long time, while others are apart from their biological family for the first time.

What the children we serve have in common is a mutual loss of their families and homes. They have built up emotional walls to keep out the pain. They are grieving from past, and sometimes, far too recent, events. Many have never felt the benefits that come from expectations or structure. They desperately need stability and a caring, supportive adult.

Our training and direct support to foster parents is a valuable resource when helping a child who has experienced such pain and trauma. As a Boys & Girls Aid foster parent, our foster care team will work carefully with you to make sure you have the necessary assistance and support as you provide this crucial resource.


Boys & Girls Aid welcomes dependable adults who can make long-term or short-term commitments. Our foster parents receive a monthly, tax-free stipend to cover the expenses of caring for youth in our foster care program. Questions? Call us at 503.542.2312 or email us .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

What we expect from foster parents:

  • Able to offer youth fun, enriching opportunities and experiences
  • Have experience with teens or children, especially at-risk youth
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Believe in children and teens
  • Understand that kids aren’t perfect, but that every child is important

Before becoming a foster parent, you must fulfill our requirements and complete the foster certification process. This process will include trainings at our agency and at home, family interviews with Boys & Girls Aid staff, a home and family assessment, and a full explanation of responsibilities. This process allows for both you and Boys & Girls Aid to mutually determine what will be the best fit for your family and lifestyle. The certification process typically takes between two and five months.

Requirements for becoming a foster parent.

  • Be at least 21 years and older
  • Have all persons 16 years and older in home pass a criminal background check
  • Have at least one Oregon licensed driver with a safe driving record
  • Be able to transport youth during the week as needed
  • Have a separate bedroom for youth in foster care
  • Be financially stable

Non-Discrimination Policy

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