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High school sweethearts give their daughter the best life by choosing adoption

Nicole and Brandon are high school sweethearts who have been there for each other since days in the school yard; picking each other up after injuries on the sports field, and supporting each other through tough family times. They recently moved away from home and into their first apartment together after both being accepted to OSU. Nicole is studying liberal arts, and Brandon engineering. Both are focused on their academic and professional futures, and plan to travel after graduating.

It was a shock to discover Nicole was pregnant during their sophomore year. They weren’t ready to become parents, but also wanted the best for their unborn daughter.

After learning about openness in adoption, the young couple decided to go through our infant adoption program. Through Boys & Girls Aid, they were able to select the family they thought would be best for her.


For two brothers, a foster family became their forever family

Photo by Lindsey Butterworth of Road 40 Photography

Carrie and Anders had been looking forward to having their boys make the transition from foster care to forever family. On March 10, Lucas and Jaxson officially became their sons. The couple shared their adoption story with us.


Two lives forever changed by surprise messages

John and Kayla were looking forward to building a life together as they planned their wedding in 2008. They were hopeful for children to expand their close-knit group of friends and family who all lived nearby. The couple felt their lives had come together to build an exciting future when John received an unexpected letter that changed their lives for the best. John, who was adopted as an infant, was contacted by his birthmother. In his 25 years of life, John had never spoken to her.


The Eichelberger’s Story of Open Adoption

At 2:19 AM on July 27th, John and Kayla Eichelberger got the call they had been waiting for. Within minutes they were out the door and on the way to the hospital for the birth of their son, Finnley. Of course, they had been ready for this moment for months. Their birth mother, Brittany, had been with them from the start. Having spent many weekends together and attending every ultrasound and doctor appointment, the three had built a strong relationship throughout the pregnancy.


Connor’s adoption story

Duane and Nicole expanded their family through foster care adoption. Nearly a year later, they tell us about the experience and how it has changed their lives.



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